Here I list some of my current and past research. For more details about any specific project, you could either refer to my published papers or you could email me.

1. Snap-DAS: Driver Assistance System on Snapdragon embedded processors:

In this project, we are working on developing DAS operations such as vehicle detection and lane detection, surround scene analysis etc. using resource constrained Snapdragon processors. The main challenges are compute power, especially for compute intensive computer vision tasks, and yet maintaining real time performance with high levels of robustness.

Related publications:

  1. Ravi K. Satzoda, Sean Lee, Frankie Lu and Mohan M. Trivedi, “Snap-DAS: A Vision-based Driver Assistance System on a Snapdragon Embedded Platform,” IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, June, 2015. [PDF]
  2. R. K. Satzoda, and Mohan M. Trivedi, “Efficient Lane and Vehicle Detection using Integrated Synergies”, IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Embedded Vision Workshop (EVW), June 2014. [PDF]

… more coming soon.

2. Drive Analysis for Naturalistic Driving Studies

In this project we are working on developing data analytics tools for automatically “reducing” large corpora of naturalistic driving data. This started off as a collaborative project with Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) but we are now extending to generic data analysis for driving studies in order to understand driving behaviors and driver styles.


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