Latent SVM setup error

In recent years latent SVM and discriminative parts models for object detection are one of the most talked about and evaluated codes. The reference site for this work is

They have a library for object detection that runs on Matlab in linux and Mac OS. Here are the steps I followed to set it up. There is bug in one of the files and it took me sometime to figure it out.

Download the library from and unzip the contents

The Readme file can be used very easily to run the files. Use compile.m to compile the mex files.

While doing this step, you will face a error with mex file saying -o option is not available (I have informed the author about this error; so if you dont get this error, then great).
Goto the lines:
eval([mexcmd ' gdetect/ -o fconv']);eval([mexcmd ' gdetect/ -output fconv_var_dim']);

Change -o to -output
Thats all. It should run.




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