Common property sheet in VC++

This is something I found recently. If you have common properties that you want to use for multiple projects in VC++, you can use the property sheet. For example, the include libraries of opencv are the same for all opencv related projects. So when you make a new project, you dont have to include the opencv include libraries again manually. You can just import the property sheet into your project and work from there. Here are the steps to create and import the property sheet.

Creating a property sheet:

  1. Open your solution in the Visual Studio IDE.

  2. From the View menu, select the Property Manager menu item. The Property Manager window appears docked on the left of the IDE.

  3. In Property Manager, right-click the project that will contain the new property sheet, and then select the Add New Project Property Sheet menu item.

  4. In the Add New Item dialog box, enter the name of the new property sheet in the Name text box.

  5. Click Add.

You can see .props file in your project folder. You can rename it, copy it to a different folder and import in any project.

Importing Property Sheet in New Project:

Follow the above step 1 and 2.

In Step 3, instead of creating a new project property sheet, choose existing property sheet.

Thats all.

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